Frequently Asked Questions

Registration and Enrolment Requirements

Yes, of course! Many of our families get accepted through our general registration process and we even register several families from our waiting list every year. Please register as it is not impossible to be accepted.

To ensure a fair registration process, we maintain and strictly adhere to an ordered waiting list. When the registrar contacts you by phone or email to verify your availability to fill a vacancy in the class, you will have a 48-hour period to provide a response to the registrar. If the registrar has not heard a response from you in the 48 hours, the registrar will contact the next family on the waiting list. The waitlist response period will drop to 24 hour effective the date that public and separate elementary school commences (typically just after the September long weekend). Once playshool classes begin, internal class moves may be given priority over the wait list.

Please ensure you give the correct contact information you would like used throughout the summer and school year. It is your responsibility to check for messages in case a spot becomes available. The registrar is not responsible for holding a spot if your voicemail is full or emails bounce back and a message cannot be left.

Our playschool requires every child's family to obtain a valid community league membership for every playschool year. Families will be asked to provide their membership number no later than September 15th of each playschool year. If members do not obtain a community league membership by this date, they will be asked to withdraw from the program.

Yes, as long as your family is part of a community league within Edmonton. Admission into Riverbend Playschool is accepted based on the following priorities:
1. Current playschool members (i.e., families with a child/children currently enrolled at the playschool)
2. Alumni members (i.e., families that have had children attend the playschool previously)
3. Members of the Riverbend Community Leagues (Rhatigan Ridge, Ramsey Heights, Brookside and Brander Gardens)
4. Members of any community league

No, we now have an online registration system. As preferred classes can fill up quickly we do encourage applicants to prepare for registration in advance and to start registration as soon as it opens.

Yes! We host an annual open house prior to playschool registration. This is a great opportunity to see the classroom and meet the teachers.

Children must be toilet trained at the time playschool begins in September. Our operating licence prohibits us from accepting children in diapers. However, special circumstances may be considered on an individual basis, such as a child with special needs who is not toilet trained. These special circumstances require approval by the teachers and playschool executive.

3-year-old program: Children must be 3 on or before December 31st of their attending school year.

3 & 4-year-old program: Children must be 3 on or before December 31st of their attending school year.

4-year-old program: Children must be 4 on or before December 31st of the attending school year.


View Program Fees

The cost of all crafts, activities and field trips are covered for each child attending our program.

Each class has a party to mark special occasions (Halloween, Christmas, Valentine's Day, etc.). All families are asked to contribute a low-cost item for two parties during the playschool year.

Parental Involvement

We ask all parents to arrange for child care for younger siblings on sharing days.

Our playschool is funded by tuition and casino proceeds. All families must provide one volunteer to work a casino in our casino years, which occur every two years. There is no other fundraising.

Sharing days are critical to our playschool program. Helper parents help the classroom operate smoothly, the children get to enjoy the special recognition. Please speak with the teachers or a member of our executive if you have any questions or concerns.

If you are unable to attend a sharing day you are scheduled for, please arrange for a replacement. You may switch with another parent or send a replacement, such as the other parent or grandparent. Emergency parents are available in case a replacement cannot be found. Please contact your the Sharing Day Coordinator for your class to learn more.

If your playschool job requires you to purchase supplies (i.e., shopping parent), you will be asked to submit your receipts for reimbursement.
The costs for snacks or small items for class parties are not reimbursed.

Each family must select one playschool job. If you have taken an executive position, you are not required to take an additional position.
In addition to your selected job, you (or a family member) will participate in sharing days, and provide a volunteer to work a casino in our casino years

In the Classroom

3-year-old classes are on Tuesday and Thursday.
4-year-old classes are on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

AM classes begin at 9 AM and conclude at 11:15 AM.
PM classes begin at 1:00 PM and conclude at 3:15 PM.

Parents are responsible for arranging their children’s transportation to and from the playschool.

It's absolutely normal for children to be sad to say goodbye to their parents. Most children are ready to play and have fun after a few minutes in the classroom (and perhaps a few hugs from the teachers).
If you have questions about separation anxiety, please speak with the teachers. They will be happy to provide suggestions, and give you updates on your child's progress.

Please pack a bag with indoor shoes and a full change of clothes each day. Also, remember to dress your child for the weather. We try to go outside every day, so snow suits, mittens and warms hats are needed in the winter, and rubber boots and raincoats are needed on rainy days.

Children must bring their own snacks each school day (unless otherwise noted). The snack should be small and nutritious. The teachers will provide suggestions on desirable snacks and prohibited foods (such as nuts).


What precautions or changes are in place as a result of COVID-19 for the 2020/2021 Year?

Riverbend Playschool is committed to creating a safe environment for our teachers, students, and their families. The purpose of this plan is to outline policies and procedures that have been put in place to minimize the risks associated with the spread of COVID-19, or any other infectious disease in our classroom for the 2020-2021 year.

As the situation with COVID-19 evolves and changes, these conditions are subject to change based on recommendations and directives from our licensing body, public health, or the Alberta Government. Riverbend Playschool will update parents throughout the school year.

Prior to Class:

- Teachers (or any visitors needing to enter the classroom) must complete a self-assessment questionnaire and be free of any signs or symptoms of COVID-19 before coming to class. These will be safely stored in the classroom for a two week period to allow for contact tracing, should they be needed.

- The entire playschool space (counters, tables, chairs, shelves, floor, etc;) will be cleaned and disinfected prior to each class starting. This includes between morning and afternoon classes.

- Teachers will wear masks throughout classes and will change their masks anytime they are soiled and also between classes.  Masks are not mandatory for children in the classroom.

- The classroom has been set up to eliminate any co-mingling with other users of the community league. For instance, there will be dedicated playschool-only washroom and sinks.

- The classroom set up will become more open to allow for more socially distanced play/learning.

- Classes will start and end at a time where access will be for playschool families only. These times have been modified for the 2020-2021 school year only (AM classes 9:00-11:15 AM, PM classes 1:00-3:15PM).

- Each class will receive dedicated toys that are assigned to their cohort class. These toys will be cleaned and disinfected regularly. They will be rotated at set intervals to allow new toys to be explored and new activities.

- Sensory tables (water tables, sand tables, and play dough) will be tailored for single use play only.

- All toys or items that cannot be cleaned and disinfected will be removed from the classroom (soft toys, dress-up clothes, cardboard, etc.)

- We have been in contact with an Air Quality Engineer about cost effective air quality measures we can safely implement. The classroom is currently running HEPA air filters throughout the day.


At Drop Off:

-The first 15 minutes of each class will be free play time, allowing us to have a drop off window of time before programming officially begins.

- Following the City of Edmonton guidelines, masks or face coverings are mandatory in all indoor public spaces. There is no specific guideline as to what age this starts at, so please use your best judgement, as you would if entering a grocery store.

- Social distancing spots will be visible on the floor. Please do not enter the building unless there is an available spot.

- Everyone will be asked to wash their hands with hand sanitizer as they enter the community league building.

- Your child will hang their coat and backpack on their designated hook, put on indoor shoes, and proceed to the classroom door.

- Parents/caregivers will be asked to complete a health/travel screening questionnaire for their child each day.

- Children will only be permitted to enter the playschool if they have no risks identified on the screening questionnaire and are free of signs and symptoms of illness.

- Each child's temperature will be taken digitally at the door as they are checked in on the attendance sheet. We are that parents/caregivers do not leave the building until your child has been brought into the classroom.

- Children will be asked to sanitize their hands with hand sanitizer at the door.

- Parents will exit the community league building through the back door to allow for one-way traffic flow and to prevent congestion with other families entering the building.


Classroom Operations:

- Teachers will set up programming in a way that encourages socially distanced play and learning

- Whenever possible, programming will be provided with increased time outdoors

- Parent helpers will participate only in the event of a teacher absence. We will look at other ways of sharing the wonderful learning that happens in class.

- Classroom activities such as story time and snack time will be done with social distancing in place.

- Show and tell (Sharebear) will still take place, with some modifications. When it is your child's turn for show and tell, please send a toy/item sealed in a ziplock bag. Your child will be the only one to handle his/her toy. After showing and discussing their toy with their friends, the toy will be put back in the bag and your child will wash his/her hands before returning to classroom activities.

- We will continue to practice and encourage good hand hygiene and proper respiratory etiquette within the classroom.


After Class:

- Getting dressed for home will be a part of the playschool routine that is supported by the teachers - parents don't need to come in to assist with this!

- Teachers will bring the children to the designated pick-up area to meet their parent/caregiver

- Please enter only if the vestibule is free. Again, social distancing spots will be visible on the floor. Please do not enter the building unless there is an available spot.

- Parents will then bring their child to gather belongings.

- Teachers will complete the sign out process with each child/family at the exit door.

- Please have photo I.D. available for the first two weeks as teachers get to know all of the parents and caregivers associated with our children.

- All touch points and surfaces in the playschool classroom - including the bathroom, tables, chairs, sinks, and shelves will be disinfected.


What happens if my child is ill?

- Children will not be allowed to enter the playschool if they have signs or symptoms of illness.

- If a child develops symptoms or gets sick while at the playschool, parents will be notified and asked to pick up their child immediately. A teacher will remain with that child in a separate area until they are picked up.

-The teacher will be required to wash their hands, change their clothing and mask prior to returning to the class.

- If your child has symptoms, parents are asked to complete the AHS Online COVID-19 Self-Assessment Tool and follow the recommendations. 

- It is recommended that anyone who has symptoms of COVID-19 get tested as per the Alberta Government and AHS.


When will my child be allowed to return to class?

- In accordance with the Government of Alberta guidelines, if your child has any of a fever, cough, shortness of breath (difficulty breathing), runny nose or sore throat, he/she is legally required to self-isolate for 10 days from the start of symptoms or until symptoms resolve, whichever is longer. Close contacts of a person who tests positive for COVID-19 are legally required to self isolate for 14 days. Children will be welcomed back into the school once this time period has passed.

- If a child displays symptoms of COVID-19, but tests negative and has no known exposure to the virus, it is recommended that they stay home until their symptoms resolve.

- For more information on isolation requirements as outlined by the Alberta Government, please visit

- For children with a pre-existing condition which presents with symptoms similar to those expected of COVID-19 (i.e. allergies), the preschool will need a record of this. The child should be tested for COVID-19 to confirm that it is not the source of their symptoms before they can enter the program. As long as the test is negative, the child does not need to be re-tested unless new or different symptoms develop. We will keep a record of this at the playschool.


What happens if there is a confirmed case of COVID-19 associated with our playschool?

-All close contacts of the individual that tests positive (their specific playschool class) will be notified directly with a phone call.  These close contacts will be instructed to self-isolate for 14 days, as this is a legal requirement.

-All other families will be notified by email that there is a positive case within the playschool, but do not need to isolate since the case was not directly associated with their class.

- If 2 or more children are identified as having symptoms consistent with COVID-19, the playschool will follow outbreak notification procedures as directed by our licensing officer and public health.

- If our playschool is connected to a confirmed case of COVID-19, we will close for a period of 14 days.  This is due to the team-teaching approach the playschool uses, and all of the teachers requiring to isolate.

-If a 14 day period of closure occurs, a thorough cleaning (cleaning bee) will take place during this time.


Class Times

Again, please note the change of class times. This year, class times have been changed as follows:
*AM Classes 9:00-11:15 AM
*PM Classes 1:00-3:15 PM
Shortening class time by 15 minutes allows adequate time to complete disinfecting between cohorts. Please note that timely pick-up allows our teachers to have their break and also do their best job cleaning for the next class. Please call the playschool if you are going to be late and please respect the pick-up times.


Field Trips

Unfortunately, we will not be participating in off-site field trips at this time. Our classes will maximize outdoor time, providing opportunities for students to explore, learn and create through a variety of outdoor activities.



On their birthday, your child will receive a disposable birthday crown and the class will sing Happy Birthday. We can't share birthday treats, but it will be their 'special day'. Perhaps parents/caregivers could send a special treat for their child only, in their snack bag. If treats are brought to be shared with the class, unfortunately this will not be able to be opened and will be returned to you at pick-up.


We will be implementing a one-time "Cleaning Fee" of $20 per child to help off-set the costs of needing extra cleaning supplies, masks, and hand sanitizer.